40) Por Tod

Taro, silver noodle, mushroom, carraot in a fried roll
42) Hor Mok Phing
$6.95 per piece

Smooth taste of red chili paste with coconut milk, sliced rock fish, basil grilled in a banana leaf
43) Esan Sai Ua

Herb sausage, ground pork, lemongrass, mild spicy

45) Koh Mhoo Yang

Quickly grilled marinated pork shoulder, serve with chili powder and rice powder sauce
46) Nuer Tod

Fried sun-dried beef with chili powder and rice powder sauce
50) Sai On Tod Kratiem

Rich flavor of garlic with pork intestines

55) Tod Mun Pla Krai

Thai red chili paste with ground fish, kefir lime leaves, sliced green bean
56) Hoy Jor

Crab Meat, water chestnut, seasoned ground pork filled in bean curd sheet; served with sides of homemade plum sauce, sliced cucumber and tomato